Workshop: Entrepreneurship and transferable skills


May 29, 2023


The development of highly disruptive technologies to solve major societal problems often requires an applied science approach, merging the expertise of Industry and Academia. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in developing technologies that are commercially viable and fulfil regulatory and sustainability requirements. Furthermore, SMEs have the requisite knowledge, IP and industrial scale facilities to manufacture disruptive technologies at large-scale to meet global market demands. Whilst primarily focused on basic research, Academia also has an important role to play in applied research, by collaborating with industrial partners and providing highly technical expertise, knowledge and facilities to independently validate technologies. It is increasingly common at national and international levels to require close collaboration between industry and academia in attempts to solve major societal problems, for example climate change mitigation and delivery of effective and sustainable agriculture. In this workshop, experts from industry and academia will discuss the nature of industry and academia collaboration in the development of cutting-edge technologies. In addition the workshop will cover the importance of skills transferability between both sectors.

Lecturers and Topics include:

  1. Diksha Dani, PhD, Institut für Biochemie und Biologie, Universität Potsdam, Germany: Interface of academia and industry: Six immensely important Transferable skills.
  2. Gergana Zahmanova, PhD, CPSBB, Bulgaria: Build and guide sustainable Technology Transfer.
  3. John T. O’Sullivan, CEO, BioAtlantis Ltd, Ireland: Development of cutting-edge molecular priming tools using applied science approaches and sustainable technologies.
  4. Kieran Guinan, PhD, Research Manager, BioAtlantis Ltd, Ireland: Transferable skills: from academia to industry.

There is no charge for this workshop, which is being run as a part of the training activities of project RESIST.

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Programme: Please find the programme of the event here.