Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (MPG), Germany
The MPG team involved in the project consists of world-class experts on metabolomics and has state-of-the art equipment and infrastructure for that purpose. Therefore, they will coordinate the activities related to the topic of metabolomics and provide the necessary facilities, training and guidance to participants from the other partners.

  • Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Ailsdair Fernie

University of Potsdam (UP), Germany
The collaborators from the third partner, the UP, have a broad competence in plant systems biology, network analyses, mathematical modelling and statistics. They will lead the research related to computation modeling and will be involved also in the genome sequencing and comparative genomics analyses.

  • Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Zoran Nikoloski

BioAtlantis Ltd., Ireland
BioAtlantis Ltd. will enrich the consortium with the perspective of a successful biotechnological company which actively invests in R&I and has coordinated and participated in a range of national and international R&I projects. They will conduct research on drought stress responses and crop improvement by supplementation with biostimulants.

  • Principal investigator: Dr. Sujeeth Neerakkal

University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa
The research group from the UCT in South Africa will contribute with decade-long expertise on resurrection plants and desiccation tolerance, mostly on local species, among which is one of the targets of the project – Xerophyta elegans, as well as on bioinformatics and plant development.

  • Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Nicola Illing