Dr. Avanish Rai

Avanish Rai

Position: Postdoctoral researcher, Department Crop Quantitative Genetics, CPSBB

Dr. Avanish Rai's primary research area is focused on plant specialized metabolism. His previous investigations concentrated on transcriptome mining, alongside the coordinated expression of enzymes from the terpenoid pathway, both in medicinal plants and in alternative hosts like tobacco or the hairy- roots system. Additionally, he delved into understanding the impact of drought stress on exacerbating dry root rot (DRR) disease, caused by Macrophomina phaseolina in chickpea. As part of the RESIST project, he will work at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, contributing to various functional genomics studies. His forthcoming research endeavors will primarily involve validating gene regulatory networks by overexpressing identified hub transcription factor(s) in protoplasts isolated from Xerophyta seedlings. Furthermore, he plans to conduct transient gene knock-down experiments in Xerophyta plants utilizing siRNA attached to carbon nanocarriers for comprehensive functional genomic investigations.