Dr. Aakansha Kanojia

Aakansha Kanojia

Position: Postdoctoral researcher, Department Molecular Stress Physiology, CPSBB

The main area of Dr. Kanojia's research is plant stress physiology. Previously, she investigated the biological pathways involved in the reduction of plant stress tolerance with age in Arabidopsis thaliana. She has developed extensive expertise in detailed morphological characterization of plants as well as physiological methods, gene mapping, plant tissue culture, metabolomics, transcriptomic and DNA sequencing data analysis. As a part of the RESIST project, she has visited BioAtlantis Ltd. in Ireland where she was actively involved in various aspects of industrial research/field work. Her main work there was focused on seaweed based biostimulant-plant interactions with the aim to enhance tolerance against abiotic stresses that will increase the productivity of crops.