“Biology and significance of angiosperm resurrection plants”

17 June, 2021

Golden Sands Black Sea Resort, Bulgaria

The conference “Biology and significance of angiosperm resurrection plants” was held on 17.06.2021 in Impresia Hall of Hotel International, Golden Sands Black Sea resort, Bulgaria. It was organized together with the International Conference on Plants Systems Biology and Biotechnology (ICPSBB): The event was hybrid and attended in person by approximately 50 delegates from 13 academic institutions and companies from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Germany and Poland. Additionally, there were around two dozen online participants. Furthermore, four RESIST fellows had the opportunity to present the latest results obtained during the project’s secondments: Dr. Aakansha Kanojia, Dr. Rafe Lyall, Mr. Mihail Angelov and Mr. Dimitar Kirkovski.

Picture 1: Opening of the conference by the RESIST Project Coordinator - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tsanko Gechev (to the right). The moderators - Dr. Veselin Petrov (the Project Manager) and Ms. Valentina Ivanova, (a RESIST fellow) are to the left.

Picture 2: Q&A session after the plenary lecture of Prof. Dr. Dorothea Bartels (seen to the left on the projecting screen), a renowned expert on resurrection plants.

Picture 3: Q&A session after the presentation of Mr. Mihail Angelov (at the lectern), one of the participating RESIST fellows.